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A young boy trying to overcome the sadness of his family life in the '60s, who comes across a bunch of rock'n'roll records at his cousin's house and suddenly, instantly, finds his way ... That was me more than 50 years ago and I still remember how music helped me shape my feelings : to make a long story short, everything I've ever done is music-oriented and music-driven.

Thus, I began buying records in the mid-60s and haven't stopped since then !! Being part of that odd but exciting international community known as The Collectors' Circle is both a blessing and a curse : you find good stuff every week, your collection grows by leaps and bounds, the cassette-tapes & CDs you use in the car are all the better for that and the many hours you spend in your music room are kinda like going to church, both in terms of rituals and communion with the Artists. But at times one tends to worship those pieces of vinyl just a little too much ; I mean, we gotta stay clear of any kind of fetishism (as the late Frank Zappa used to say) which could only spoil the fun and joy of collecting the work of Artists -- well-known as well as obscure -- in a real dedicated way.

My point is, they may be Artists, they're people first and foremost ; that's why I've always wanted to meet as many of them as I could in order to write about both their music and their lives -- which I've done in various publications over the years. However, with the advent of the Internet, I thought I'd be able to resume my writing and do it properly -- while reaching more readers at the same time. 

We'll not only discuss the Artists and their music (sometimes including full or selected discographies), but also the formats on which it's available, the books and magazines dealing with those topics, and to make a full roundup, we'll list our favorite Websites (check out our 'Web Faves' page for that matter).

Eclecticism is a key word in my book -- but never to the detriment of discernment ; I need to feel energy, soul and commitment in what I hear. Likewise, although being a longtime Rock'n'Roll fan, I've always liked Jazz, Soul, Harmony Groups and Country and have always been fascinated by the interaction between all these musical styles (a case in point would be Western Swing -- one of my favorite musical areas -- which is a terrific blend of Hillbilly, Jazz, Oldtime and pure Pop).

The navigation is easy : simply click the 'Big V Jamboree' logo at the top of each page to go to the 'Contents' of the site, or click the 'Contents' link located at the bottom of each page ; from there, you can access any Artist's page.

Flash animations have been added over the past few years as well as much original music in mp3 format. Of course, these are only short musical samples ! You can hear them either when a particular page is loading or by clicking the phono pictured below when it appears (here, you'll hear 20 seconds of the excellent version of 'Moanin' The Blues' that Bobby Barnett cut on his Sims LP, 'At The World Famous Crystal Palace').
Sometimes, a specially designed jukebox will be the link to more exciting music.

Click & hear Bobby Barnett !!Guess you have a true synthesis of my approach to the Art form I love the best ; so sit down, relax and take a trip through the past to discover (or rediscover) some great music, courtesy of timeless Artists who helped save the life of a young kid along the way ...
After losing too much time as an accountant, I decided to resign and stay home to take care of my second daughter, Nellie, who's mentally handicapped but an absolute joy to live with (and much more receptive to music than most !). Although it's a full-time job, I still find the time to write about music, maintain my web site, collect more rare records, transfer my vinyl onto CD (hence my own APCD label), do free computer maintenance work on the side and help out with pictures and info on a number of choice reissues by specialized record companies such as Bear Family.
Thank you very much for your time and comments.

Thanks to the following people, including family members, dear friends, fellow collectors, bio/discographers, record producers and a host of great Artists I've been lucky enough to meet and interview over the years :

Agnès, Marie, Nellie, Léonta, Louisa, Aimé, Jean-Louis, Pierrette, Jean-François Audouard, Jewel Akens,
Glenn Barber, Roger Barnett, Tony Barrett, Lee Bell, Bud Chowning, Alan Clark, Eddie Cletro, Diane Coffman,
Eddie Dean, David Dennard, Tommy 'Bubba' Facenda, Georgie Fame, Tony Freer, Bruno Gay-Vidal, Bobby Gibson,
Cary Ginell, Derek Glenister, Glen Glenn, Ernie Hagar, Dickie 'Be-Bop' Harrell, Steve Hathaway, Derek Henderson,
Harold Hensley, Larry Hosford, Rome Johnson, Boppin' Bob Jones, Frank Kavelin,
Big John Koenig, Jean & Gary Lambert, Roy Lanham, Gérard Lautrey, Albert Lee,
Billy Liebert, Greg Loescher, Alain Mallaret, Carl Mann, Rose Lee Maphis, Eddie Marshall,
Xavier Maire, Sammy Masters, Johnny Meeks, Jerry Lee Merritt, Jean-Guy Meunier,
Danny Michaels, Pierre Monnery, Merrill Moore, Red Moore, Ray Stanley Nussbaum,
Doye O'Dell, Paul Peek, Hank Penny, Shari & Sydney Penny, Carl Perkins,
Linda Piro, Mike Pitts, Jeff Porterfield, Mel Pressley, Jean-Yves Raymond, Sharon Sheeley,
Serge Schlawick, Harry Shields, Tom Sims, Connie 'Guybo' Smith, Tom Tall, Brian Taylor,
Sue Thompson, Big Al Turner, Lou & Heroldine Ukelson, Piper Vincent, Derry Weaver,
Richard Weize, Wesley 'Speedy' West, Bruce Wilbanks, Steve Wisner, Rusty York ...