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From Albert Lea to Albert Lee, I've got the Kelly-Four-nia Blues

I know : a photo is sometimes worth a million words ... But in Eddie's case, I MUST add my ten cents' worth. Not enough people have realized that Eddie Cochran was one of the greatest innovators in Rock'n'Roll Music ; he was gifted, that's for sure, but he worked hard and tried to explore new ways. Come on, how many young white pickers were able to do such a soulful version of 'Milk Cow Blues' in the '50s ??
It would be easy to say he was ahead of his time, like Elvis Presley, Les Paul, Buddy Holly or John Lennon ; however, to be fair, the only one who was ahead of his time was The One who said 'Love One Another'. But, like the above-mentioned and others, Eddie was a super talented musician whose output displays an aura of youth, freshness and maturity all at the same time : this is a legacy that will continue to inspire the coming generations in a big way.

Paul VIDAL * Privas, France * August 1999

The Town Hall Party Shows !!

Following their CD (RSR 016), titled 'The Town Hall Party TV Shows' and featuring 26 tracks
- 14 by Eddie Cochran and 12 by Gene Vincent - sung by the artists on that popular US TV show,
RockStar have now released the video of Eddie's performance (RSRV 2001) ;
he is backed up by Dick D'Agostin & The
Swingers (soon to become The Kelly Four)
and here's the track listing :
1-Introduction by Jay Stewart (1st performance)
2-Instrumental by the band 3-Introduction by Dick D'Agostin
4-'C'mon Everybody' 5-'Have I Told You Lately That I Love You'
6-'Don't Blame It On Me' 7-'Summertime Blues'
8-Interview with Eddie & band members, conducted by Johnny Bond
9-Introduction by Jay Stewart (2nd performance)
10-'Night Walk' by the band & introduction by Dick D'Agostin
11-'School Day' 12-'Be Honest With Me' 13-'Money Honey'
14-'C'mon Everybody'
That video is now also available on a Bear Family DVD (BVD 20002 AT).
For info on Gene's songs, please check out my Gene Vincent pages.