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'However good to the ears CDs may be, vinyl remains the perfect medium to listen to music' is what I initially wrote when I started this section a few years back. I don't want to launch into an audiophile dissertation and readily agree that we, old vinyl collectors, will remain a bit biased each time the subject is tackled because we also love the artwork of the record labels and the pic sleeves, the general 'feel' of the platters, etc. True, there was a time, in the early digital age, when these ears would feel the warmth and dynamics that were generally missing from most CDs ; they were also able to count the clicks and pops that appeared even on vintage unplayed albums or on more recent high definition virgin vinyl ! Still, there was music which sounded, if not better at least as good, on CD (The Beach Boys for instance) but it seemed to me that vinyl always had the edge.
As of this writing (April 2014), things have changed considerably. While there's more vinyl available than ever and top quality pressings from established companies like Mobile Fidelity, Sundazed, Speaker's Corner, Simply Vinyl, Classic Records, Analogue Productions and others keep pushing the already high standard of analog to even greater heights, digital mastering has come of age, producing shiny discs which reach another level of brilliance culminating with the arrival of XRCDs, SHM-CDs and SACDs (not to mention DVD-As). The sound is now generally so good that the question of 'what's better' is not so prominent as it used to be.
Having said that, those old 78s, 45s and LPs from the fifties and sixties will simply keep blowing your mind - if in nice condition and pressed without hiss. And, even in lesser condition, there's still so much SOUND to discover inside those grooves ! Hence these pages. I will list (alphabetically) and discuss some of the singles, EPs and LPs that I enjoy the most - outside of those by Artists who are already featured elsewhere on my site. For each of'em, a picture is displayed, usually linked to 30 seconds of music to savor. Have fun !!

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