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His is a tale of pain, alcohol and all-round abuse : some will say that
it's the essence of Rock'n'Roll. While this is partially true, Rock'n'Roll
was Sound & Music before becoming also Attitude & Way of Life.

And Gene had that Rock'n'Roll Sound.

Read my loving tribute to one of the greatest Singers / Performers of all time, divided into several parts :

The Blue Caps - One By One *
The 'Record Date' Sessions *
The Capitol Promos *
The French Collection *

The Town Hall Party Shows !!

  Don't miss their CD (RSR 016), titled 'The Town Hall Party
TV Shows' ; it features 26 tracks - 12 by Gene Vincent and 14 by Eddie Cochran -
sung by the artists on that popular US TV show.
Gene's shows date from October 25, 1958 (backed up by The Blue Caps)
and November 7, 1959 (backed up by the Town Hall Party musicians) ;
a video of the shows is now available !! Here's the track listing of Gene's songs
on the CD and on the video :
1-Introduction by Jay Stewart (10/25/58 - 1st performance)
2-'Be-Bop-A-Lula' 3-'High Blood Pressure' 4-'Rip It Up'
5-Introduction by Jay Stewart (10/25/58 - 2nd performance)
6-'Dance To The Bop' 7-'You Win Again' 8-'For Your Precious love'
9-Introduction by Jay Stewart (11/07/59) 10-'Roll Over Beethoven'
11-'Over The Rainbow' 12-'She She Little Sheila'
That video is now also available on a Bear Family DVD (BVD 20003 AT).

For info on Eddie's songs, please check out my Eddie Cochran pages.