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Here's what could be read about Noel Boggs
in the January '57 issue of 'Country & Western Jamboree':

The great Noel Boggs & his triple neck steel guitar !!

"Noel Boggs' guitar playing talent has brought him into every phase of show business. He has had his own band, performed on radio, TV, in films and has helped design the double-neck steel guitar now widely used throughout the country. Born in Oklahoma City on November 14, 1917, Noel began his guitar playing during his junior years in high school. Upon his graduation in 1936, he joined his first traveling band, covering the southern and eastern states with that outfit. Returning to Oklahoma City in 1937, Noel joined the staff on radio station WKY doing an early morning show and other spots throughout the day. In 1941, he formed his first band with which he entertained at the Rainbow Room for three years when he received a call from Bob Wills in Hollywood inviting him to join the Wills orchestra. [] With Bob Wills, he recorded his first disc for Columbia. The following year, Noel again formed his own outfit. In June 1946, Noel joined Spade Cooley at the Santa Monica Ballroom. This was to be a long run, but when just getting settled, the show was booked for a three-month tour and covered 18,000 miles in the forty-eight states. When the show got back to Hollywood, it appeared on TV over KTLA holding a Saturday night spot for six years."

That pretty well summed up Noel's career up to that point. A self-taught jazzer, he was the only one of three children in the Boggs family to show an interest in music. In 1935, he went to work for various radio stations in Oklahoma City. His idol then was Leon McAuliffe who, of course, played steel in Bob Wills' Texas Playboys. Nine years later, in July of 1944, Noel would replace Leon in Bob Wills' band. Prior to that, in 1939, he met Hank Penny and cut his first recording session with him in a Memphis hotel room.

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